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Tour 3

Total tour length: 3 kilometers Duration: ca. 55 minutes

Agricola-Gymnasium Wandtafel (Dietel)

Agricola Gymnasium (Highschool), wall plaque (Dietel)

Park der Opfer des Faschismus 2

Eight figures decorate the facade of the Agricola Gymnasium. Two of these were destroyed in the Nazi regime a Jewish student, Moritz Goldhaber - now internationally acclaimed nuclear physicist living in America, posed as a model for the sculptor Heinrich Brenner. In the year 2000 both figures were restored. One of the rooms in this school was used from 1945-1948 as a place of worship for the Jewish community.

ca. 13 minutes
DAStietz ehemaliges Warenhaus, Bibliothek

Das Tietz, former department store and currently cultural centre

Moritzstraße 20

“Das Tietz” commissioned by the Tietz family business was designed and built by Professor Wilhelm Kreis in 1912-1913. The building was heavily damaged in the “Pogromnacht“ in 1938 and again in the bombing of Chemnitz in March 1945. In 2004 the former department store was converted into a cultural centre housing the municipal library, community college, museum of natural history as well as the New Saxon Gallery.

ca. 21 minutes

Karl-Schmidt-Rottluff-Gymnasium, Heym (Flieg) and Hermlin (Leder)

Hohe Straße 25-35

This school, built in 1868, educated 177 Jewish students throughout the years 1877-1937. Among them were Stephan Hermlin and Stefan Heym as well as the famous Chemnitz citizens Arthur Einer and Bruno Kalitzky. With activities and projects, today’s pupils want to revive the easy coexistence of people of different cultural and religious background that was destroyed by the Nazis.

ca. 11 minutes
Alte Synagoge, Stele (Beier)

Old Synagogue, monument (Beier)


As the Jewish population expanded throughout the 19th century the Jewish community decided in 1895 to build this imposing place of worship. The architect Wenzel Bürger won the contract to design and build the synagogue. On the “Pogromnacht”, the night of November 9-10 1938, just 40 years after its inauguration, the synagogue was burned down and completely destroyed. This monument was erected in 1988, in memory of the synagogue.

ca. 10 minutes


Stollberger Straße 28

In the years 1961-2000 the Jewish community met for worship in a small house. In 2000 a new synagogue was built for a growing Jewish community. The new Synagogue offers not only an imposing place of worship, but an attractive community centre as well.